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business team

Research and Development

The R&D Area is a dynamic laboratory of ideas and a mix of different technical expertise with the objective to design, develop and test ICT innovative solutions, services and products.

Our team, composed by researchers and technicians coming from academia and industry, participates in several European and international research and innovation projects in collaboration with Universities, Research Centres and prestigious industrial partners coming from all EU and third countries.

R&D expertise:

IoT/Embedded systems


Blockchain technology

Web application/GIS

incontro d'affari

Projects and technical consultancy

We develop technological solutions for our customers by managing all the project life cycle phases. Our team of experts has a long experience in developing innovative ICT solutions on the specific customers demands.

The final aim is to provide an added value on the project development/implementation through our expertise and experience.

Expertise :

Software Development  and Maintenance

System Integration

Software and system management

Security (lawful interception and data retention)

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